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With high hopes of putting the C-word behind us, we've entered 2022 a little more prepared than the past two years. Regulations are still shifting, insurance reimbursements are still stagnant (or decreasing), while the cost of everything from fuel to latex gloves is still on the rise, but all in all we feel like we've survived the worst. Except for one thing - we still can't keep a high-performing team together.

How can you compete for talent as a clinical practice? The simplest answer is often the most difficult to achieve - culture.

What does a positive culture look like to you? Donuts at the Friday morning huddle, team dress up days, and a cake to celebrate a birthday? All great things to help boost employee morale. But you could bring in lunch every day and have a team happy hour each week and still have a negative culture if you're subverting your efforts with culture-killing employment practices.

Ready for a self-check? In no particular order, here are 22 things that could be killing your culture if you're still doing them in 2022...

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